PremiPour™ 202M

PremiPour™ 202M is a medium density, closed cell insulating material designed for pour applications in accordance with U.S. Coast Guard.

Poly-Sil™ 2200

Poly-Sil™ 2200 is a low solids ready-to-use, single-component, solvent- borne, moisture-cured, fluid-applied silicone coating ideal for roofing.

PremiCote™ 429

PremiCote™ 429 is a single component acrylic copolymer water-based primer with outstanding adhesion to various types of metals, urethanes and polyurea coatings.

PremiCote™ 1007

PremiCote™ 1007 is a single component solvent based polyurethane primer with outstanding adhesion to various types of substrates including urethane and polyurea coatings.

Prime-Tek 7900

Prime-Tek 7900 is a water-based, rust-inhibiting primer developed to block “bleed-through” from mod bit and asphaltic substrates.

PremiCote™ 1500

PremiCote™ 1500 is a 100% acrylic, single component, water based elastomeric coating for use in spray, brush or roller application.

PremiCote™ 7625

PremiCote™ 7625 is a fast set, two-component, spray applied, aluminized elastomeric roof coating system with outstanding UV resistance.

DC 315

DC 315 is an intumescent, thermal barrier coating that can be applied over Spray Polyurethane Foams for the protection of Foamed Plastics in accordance with the National Building Code of Canada in both commercial and residential applications.

Intellathane 517

INTELLATHANE® 517 is a plural component polyurea hybrid spray-in-place elastomer, designed for high pressure equipment. This product provides a flexible but extremely tough monolithic membrane.

Seal-Tek MF20/20

MF20/20 is a micro-fine manufactured high-tensile polyethylene fibre used as a general thickener to increase tensile strength and reduce sag for Accella™ silicone, urethane and acrylic coatings.

PremiCote™ 7001

PremiCote™ 7100 is a 100% polyurea spray elastomer with exceptional physical properties and low ASTM E84 Flame Spread for Class I requirements.

Intellathane 550

INTELLATHANE® 550 is a 100% polyurea spray elastomer with exceptional physical properties for harsh environments.

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